Basis for the best protection: High-quality impregnation and impregnating primer

Wood as a building material has to be protected against the continuous effect of moisture so that problems don’t crop up. The construction is primarily responsible for this. Should moisture ever penetrate the unit, our impregnations and impregnating primers offer a reliable protection and therefore prevent blueing and discolouration.


Sikkens Wood Coatings impregnation
Our impregnations offer you the greatest level of safety and improve the ‘natural durability’ of all softwoods and leaf woods. In the impregnation of individual parts, increased protection from blue stain and rotting is achieved, particularly in the tongue-and-groove areas.


Sikkens Wood Coatings waterproof primers
Thanks to an innovative concept, you can benefit from two advantages at once. Wood protection and priming function are achieved in just one step with our 2-in-1 product.


This means: minimum effort, maximum profit. As up to 50 % of your material costs and 25 % of your processing time can be saved by using our impregnating base coat. The recommended appropriate application amount is 120–160 g/m2 for sapwood.


The wood is specially protected using our phase transfer technology developed in-house with our impregnating base coat as the ingredients are transported especially deeply into the wood. Thus it receives the necessary protection against blue stains and rotting fungi.