Mid coat as "system optimisation" for better results

Surfaces with 2-coat coverage (mid and top coats) are generally treated with the same product for both coats. But in many cases better results were achieved with a product combination. Sikkens Wood Coatings therefore recommends combined solutions for certain woods which prevent later formation of weak points.


Translucent mid coats
Hard woods with large pore structures are often not optimally used in a conventional, sprayed mid coating on pore borders and edges. This means no homogeneous, sealed film can form at these positions with sufficient pore-filling. These critical zones are potential weak spots in later weathering as moisture and UV irradiation is able to penetrate. A mid coat provides increased system safety in such cases.


Opaque intermediate coats
In woods rich in ingredients (except for larch), RUBBOL® WM 270 offers good protection against discolourations in combination with an isolating primer. The recommended drying times must be observed and upheld (see technical data sheet).