Mounting products

Sikkens Wood Coatings enhancement products – because maintained wood lasts longer. Professional installation and regular cleaning and maintenance are essential in order for your customers to enjoy long-term pleasure from your windows and house doors. This also allows the renovation intervals to be extended.


Right protection for wooden windows
In order to avoid damages to the frame, sash or glass during installation, cleaning or painting, all surfaces around the window should be carefully protected. The foil and tape used must be free of plasticisers and solvents as well as be UV- and weather-proof (e.g. tesa 4438). Please never leave the wooden elements masked or covered for more than two weeks otherwise moisture could build-up in the wood. All plaster work and painting should be completed within three months of installation.


Maintenance of surface coating
The coating of your wooden windows should be maintained in regular intervals. Depending on the installation situation, we recommend a maintenance coat for opaque coatings after 4 to 5 years and translucent coatings after 2 to 3 years. You can use eco-friendly, water-borne Sikkens Wood Coatings products for maintenance purposes.


Even with the best products, defects can occur on rare occasions. To ensure these are quickly processed, a few things are to be taken into account: It is important that the recommendations for maintenance and care are upheld and that the surface coating be annually checked for mechanical damage. Immediate, professional maintenance of even small damaged areas is urgently necessary and, in the event of a dispute, must be proven. This means: if small damages are discovered during care of the coating, then these are to be immediately remedied as part of maintenance in order to prevent the damage from progressing and to ensure the protective coating is preserved. The affected areas are always at least processed from V-joint to V-joint in the affected areas. A coating which is no longer sound must be removed and the wood beneath it must be sanded down until the greyed areas are no longer visible. A sound old coating only has to be sanded down slightly. On the clean, dry sound substrate, the maintenance coat can take place with the right mounting products in the brushing process.