Special coating system

Protection for wood in the exterior – CETOL® WF 771
Wood emphasises the natural environment in your garden and terrace. Wherever wood is used it creates the sense of well being and an ambience to the surroundings. Wood can be exposed to extreme weathering in directly exposed outdoor areas and will require special protection.


For a world full of colour
We have developed a special varnish in CETOL® WF 771 which maintains the unique wood effect and glistens with brilliant colours. The ranges of use include terraces, facade cladding, greenhouses and garden furniture, pergolas such as roof structures, boardings and wooden constructions.


Two of our technologies have been successfully implemented here: CETOL® WF 771 re-fills the pores in wood to produce the Saturator-Effekt®, thus improving durability. With its two different layers, the Self-Stratifying® binder ensures good adhesion and protection against UV light and moisture. This is the best to protect and add value for wood and is especially suitable for highly exposed wood surfaces.


Our Never Ending Impressions collection offers you a wide spectrum of intensive colours and harmoniously balanced colour tones. Customers such as McDonald’s® or Walt Disney World® already use this huge range of colours.