System recommendations for timber species

Wood typeCoating tip for CETOL® products

The sugary substances of the wood are isolated with CETOL® WM 675 or CETOL® WM 680.

A mid coat improves the pore-filling and reduces blistering, e.g. CETOL® WM 665 or CETOL® WM 610.

CETOL® WM 675 or CETOL® WM 680 also isolate discolouring extractives.

For isolating the discolouring extractives, use solventborne primer where possible with CETOL® SP 520. This is also valid for timber species such as afrormosia, afzelia, framiré, iroko, merbau, padouk, sapupira, sipo.

Modified timber species, e.g. accoya

Here a primer as protection against blue stain is useful. For mid and top coats, Duraflex-Technology with products such as CETOL® WF 952 or CETOL® WF 957 are recommended.