Maintenance and disinfection of flow coaters and dip tanks

Flow coaters and dip tanks should be regularly maintained and disinfected in order to attain a good coating result and in order to avoid bacterial attacks and the resulting unpleasant odour. This is ideally done with simple, daily measures.

Before starting work and during flow coating, check the viscosity several times a day with a DIN-4 or ISO-3 cup – the processing times are given in the corresponding technical data sheet. For thinning, please only use clean tap water. Clean and dry all equipment for applying, thinning or decanting immediately after use with clear water. When flow coating it should be ensured that all nozzles are open and the filter is clean.


We recommend emptying the flow coater after finishing and to clean with fresh water and to always cover the dip tank when it is not in use.

The disinfection of flow coaters and dip tanks should occur as a preventative measure. Longer breaks in operation such as plant holidays or Christmas holidays are ideal for this. Disinfection is necessary if the coating material develops a putrid smell.


It is important to drain the coating material and to dispose of putrid smelling material – under no circumstances should be it be re-added after disinfection. A disinfectant such as Lyso 3025 can be used.