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Witley Jones put AkzoNobel’s FF top of the class

November, 21st 2017

Bromsgrove School is one of the country’s bigger independent schools providing a unique micro-environment for every pupil. In developing a path of expansion Bromsgrove School has a legacy of only using suppliers who can always deliver fit for purpose quality products and meet their exacting standards every time.

Witley Jones design, manufacture high quality furniture, producing extensive ranges of classroom, library, common room and accommodation furniture. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Witley Jones have been working with Bromsgrove School for several years.

In producing these high-quality products Witley Jones wanted to ensure that their initial manufacturing methods would be free of formaldehyde in any of the lacquering processes to safeguard both their own workers and the end user. To meet these stringent demands Witley Jones would turn to Blackburn-based coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel to supply their high-performing Duracid FF range.


SteelSeal from AkzoNobel makes a ‘complex’ difference

June, 27th 2017

Within a short gallop of Chester’s famous racecourse is the Quadrant which is a self-contained detached office building nestling on the entrance to the Chester West Business Park. The complex has undergone an extensive refurbishment to provide high calibre office space to a host of businesses.

The Quadrant development in Chester would suit AkzoNobel’s SteelSeal 4VC Primer and SteelSeal Topcoat 5VF perfectly. The SteelSeal system enables longer periods between repainting, thus reducing the overall cost of building maintenance.

AkzoNobel has led the development and supply of organic coatings to the major cladding producers for over 25 years. SteelSeal is specially formulated for application to architectural cladding materials including coil coated finished such as; PVC, polyester, silicone polyester and pvf2 coated substrates and primed aluminium.


Download our Aqualit and Quantam product brochures

June, 15th 2017

Our new Aqualit and Quantum product brochures provide you with information on the product range so you can find the perfect wood finishing.

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Contact them directly for further details on their product offers, specifications and specialist industry advice.

Formaldehyde Free partnership with AkzoNobel

May, 26th 2017

AkzoNobel, in partnership with Symphony Coatings, have launched their new Duracid Formaldehyde Free wood coatings range in the UK. The products provide a great alternative to traditional acid curing products and are safer for spray shop workers, and end customers.

AkzoNobel developed the Duracid FF range in response to the growing concern over poor air quality and the presence of airborne pathogens in homes and cities around the world, together with increasing regulation in the industry.

AkzoNobel launched the Duracid FF range in the UK in partnership with Symphony Coatings at the W16 Furniture and Joinery Exhibition and Elements show in October of 2016. The range was a finalist in the ‘Elements Award for Innovation.’


Get ready for Spring with AkzoNobel

March, 30th 2017

We still believe that we have the ideal climate for outdoor living. We also like the low maintenance of it all. There is no time anymore for weeding or mowing the lawn. If it doesn’t move…cover it in wood!

Garden buildings, decking and fencing are becoming increasingly popular as we’re using the garden more as a living space. At coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel they know that supplying the highest quality products to protect these wooden assemblies in situ is key to safeguarding their longevity and make them look stunning all year round. 

Sikkens CETOL® WF 771 is the ideal product for use on fencing, sheds and decking this Spring. It’s technical qualities, ease of application, colour vibrancy and trouble-free maintenance make it a perfect choice for a huge selection of applications where either UV light and moisture are an issue.


Making dream park homes come true with AkzoNobel

March, 21st 2017

Mike England Timber has shaped itself as one of the UK’s leading independent timber suppliers. Their menu of services and products would serve very well the needs of a high-quality designer and manufacturer of leisure and park homes.

Established since 1987 Prestige & Homeseeker Park & Leisure is one of Europe’s largest and most successful manufacturers of park homes and leisure lodges.

They approached Mike England Timber to help create a log cabin feel for their Foresters Lodge. Mike England Timber specified Sikkens Cetol WP 567 BPD base coat, together with further coatings of Sikkens Cetol WF 791 translucent finish coat.

They also wanted the internal ceiling of the lodge to have a warm, slight oak look to it with a natural feel and minimum sheen. After discussion with Sikkens, Mike England Timber recommended their Cetol WF 771.


It’s all in the factory finishing with AkzoNobel

January, 13th 2017

The chill winds of winter are now fully upon us, making on site decoration of newly installed timber joinery and cladding items, at best, an uncertain process. 

It’s a situation that global coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel Wood Coatings, with its UK headquarters in Blackburn, are very familiar with, and is one key factor that determines their stance of strongly endorsing the fully factory finished concept in conjunction with their extensive range of timber joinery and cladding coatings.

This range includes their Sikkens Cetol WP562 - a translucent base stain with resistance to the effect of blue stain fungi through to their Sikkens Rubbol WF382 - a water borne acrylic topcoat for use over 1K or 2K primer systems.


AkzoNobel Industrial Coatings press button on new website

December, 2nd 2016

AkzoNobel Wood Coatings, with its UK headquarters in Blackburn, have launched a brand-new website to assist the choice of the UK interior wood coatings customers. 

Although it hosts a vast range of available solutions including; PU Alkyd and Polyesters, traditional Acid Curing, Waterborne, UV Curable, Floor lacquers, Oils and Waxes, the new website takes the opportunity to share innovative AkzoNobel products that are aimed directly at specific applications and solutions providing a focus for the breadth of technical knowledge and skills at AkzoNobel.

These specific applications include; The AkzoNobel Duracid FF range which consists of a new series of acid-curing products delivering high-quality results without the use of formaldehyde. It also offers an alternative to the Acid Curing systems, the AkzoNobel Quantum and Quantum Color PU Acrylic range which provides interior solutions to a vast array of applications.


‘So Good’ with AkzoNobel

September, 1st 2016

Opened in 1965, Britain’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken in Preston was an instant hit.

From Colonel Sanders humble beginnings to the restaurants we see today, the last 125 years have been quite a journey with over 784 KFC units now in the UK alone.

A new dawn would be approaching for KFC in the UK as a design refurbishment project was implemented. The appointed machining and coatings contractor Dresser Mouldings and Blackburn-based coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel would support the project with a raft of products and expertise, enabling KFC to make this design overhaul a huge success.

When Dresser Mouldings approached long-standing suppliers AkzoNobel for advice on a coating system for the KFC refurbishments they settled on AkzoNobels’ two coat AquaLean clear lacquer system.


AkzoNobel handles the heat with UK Fire Doors Ltd.

August, 18th 2016

North Wales based UK Fire Doors Ltd. grasped an opportunity to further expand their manufacturing through door manufacturers Leaderflush Shapland, who had previously been trading from their Langley Mill factory in Derbyshire up until the end of 2015. Acquiring the now redundant premises would provide UK Fire Doors Ltd. with a unique opening to gild their expansion plans with a ready-made plant and equipment.

The recent past had seen UK Fire Doors Ltd. stretching their capacity in Flintshire, North Wales, so with Leaderflush Shapland ceasing to trade this provided the prospect of exploiting growth opportunities by acquiring a new plant. 

The early days of this expansion would see coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel playing a pivotal part, supplying both technical and product assistance to enable this growth period to happen smoothly.


AkzoNobel and Sprayfine big hit for Big Yellow

July, 26th 2016

When Hampshire-based spray paint contractor Sprayfine needed to undertake a large contract for one of their most prestigious clients they turned to coatings manufacturer and supplier AkzoNobel to supply a number of products from their SteelSeal range.

Sprayfine have worked directly for Big Yellow for a number of years now. Big Yellow have substantial yearly budgets for maintaining their stores and a key factor for them is sustaining the buildings.

AkzoNobel has led the development and supply of organic coatings to the major cladding producers for over 25 years. SteelSeal is specially formulated for application to architectural cladding materials including coil coated finishes such as; PVC, polyester, silicone polyester and Pvf2 coated substrates and primed aluminium.


‘Roaring’ success for AkzoNobel at ZSL London Zoo

July, 5th 2016

When London Zoo was creating a new lion enclosure experience for visitors they needed suppliers and manufacturers that could provide the high levels of design and finishing for the ideas they had in mind. It would be a perfect project for leisure building designers Pinelog and coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel to highlight both their quality and innovation.

The new venture would entail Pinelog manufacturing and supplying ten pre-manufactured timber frame en-suite bedroom lodges. They would be individually coloured and themed for visitor overnight accommodation alongside the Land of the Lions project.  In a seamless nod towards their environment the lodges would be called the ‘Gir Lion Lodge’. The Gir Lion Lodges would be a perfect fit for AkzoNobel’s SIKKENS CETOL® WF 771 one-pot system coatings system. 


Over the ‘try-line’ for AkzoNobel and A Plus Joinery

June, 8th 2016

The grunt and grind of professional rugby league may not be everyone’s half time orange, but as a player for over 10 years Adrian Goodall of Herts-based A Plus Joinery in Harpenden knows what kind of graft and commitment it takes to get over the business try-line.

It’s this kind of dedication to excellence that also ensures that A Plus Joinery only deal with quality, reliable suppliers like AkzoNobel.  

A Plus Joinery recently supplied a new client who was developing a large detached house in the Whipsnade area. They wanted an existing number of Meranti redwood products on the structure to be a lighter oak colour.  AkzoNobel came to a meeting and suggested their Sikkens Cetol WF 952 product.


The great outdoors with AkzoNobel exteriors

May, 26th 2016

At Blackburn-based AkzoNobel they have now garnered their substantial expertise into producing through their Sikkens brand, a new all-embracing wood coatings brochure aimed directly at delivering top quality products for the exteriors market.

The new AkzoNobel exterior wood coatings brochure is a collection of high quality products that covers; impregnating primers, primers, sealants and fillers, together with providing a one-stop solution for mid-coats, top-coats, maintenance products, oils and care products…all in one easy-to-use reference guide.

The list of applications in the new AkzoNobel ‘Exteriors’ brochure is varied as it is vast and ranges from… windows, exterior doors, conservatories through to simple garden trellis work, wooden floors, cladding, matchboards/bargeboards, together with all types of timbering and sheds. It’s a fully encompassing selection of high quality wood coatings for a myriad of exterior wood applications.


‘Steeling’ the scene with AkzoNobel

March, 31st 2016

When Tameside Council decided that an industrial estate they owned in Ashton-Under-Lyme needed some crucial rejuvenation they turned to Blackburn-based AkzoNobel to provide the coatings solution they were seeking to re-fresh the units on the estate.

AkzoNobel would be providing their SteelSeal coatings system to help create a more vibrant look to the tired-looking Charlestown Industrial Estate on the outskirts of Ashton-under-Lyme. The industrial units on the estate would need re-painting in order to breathe new life into the look of the buildings. It would be a project that would suit AkzoNobel’s SteelSeal Primers and SteelSeal Topcoats perfectly.

Winning the project on specification and reputation, AkzoNobel supplied their SteelSeal Primer 4VC and SteelSeal Topcoat 5VF.


Finishing fast with Speed and Quantum from AkzoNobel

March, 11th 2016

Delivering a speedy project completion together with ensuring that quality is at the forefront of what you do in any market isn’t that easy.

When an opportunity came along for Marineware who are an AkzoNobel Distributor, to run some product evaluations with one of the leading interiors companies in the UK the chance was too good to miss. It would be an opportunity for AkzoNobel’s Speed and Quantum to really shine.

In the initial trials, the company used Quantum IS160 – a 2K PU Acrylic Isolating Sealer, together with evaluating Quantum Q-T260-30 – a 2K PU Acrylic Clear Semi-Gloss Topcoat. The evaluation also tested Quantum Color QC-IP350 Isolating Primer, Speed SP-S191 Clear Sealer and Speed SP-T290-90 High-Gloss Topcoat.

During the tests the coatings were applied on various selections of wood and on all samples the products gave a super-fast build with excellent clarity. The gloss levels proved to be simply outstanding.


Looking at life from the inside with AkzoNobel interiors

February, 17th 2016

Making life simple and being able to see a range of products on offer at a glance can be a challenge for many companies. Not so at Blackburn-based AkzoNobel as they’ve garnered their substantial expertise into one new all-embracing brochure aimed directly at the interiors market.

The AkzoNobel interior coatings ranges from across Europe have now been brought together into one new single brochure. The list of applications is varied as it is vast and ranges from furniture through to kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, table tops, shop-fitting and flooring.

The breadth of technical knowledge and skills at AkzoNobel also delivers a host of available solutions including PU acrylic, PU Alkyd and Polyesters, through to Acid Curing, Waterborne, UV Curable together with Oils and Waxes.

Request a copy at technical.shadsworth(at)


AkzoNobel at forefront of formaldehyde free options

January, 7th 2016

In 2014 formaldehyde was reclassified as a Carcinogen Category 1B. As a Category 1 carcinogen, the use of formaldehyde has now been regulated by the Carcinogen and Mutagen Directive in EU workplaces.

Bearing in mind the EU workplace changes that are about to be foisted on a host of manufacturing sectors, AkzoNobel are more than ready to meet the challenge head-on with a range of products that addresses the changes, providing a range of solutions to meet and surpass the new industry-wide standards.

AkzoNobel has a range of solutions to help businesses meet these new challenges and has been ranked number one on the influential Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the fourth consecutive year.



Center Parcs success for AkzoNobel

October, 7th 2015

Center Parcs revolutionised the holiday market over 40 years ago.

In December 2004, Center Parcs announced it had identified a location for a fifth UK site at Woburn Forest, Bedfordshire.

This extremely high profile project would need to partner with outstanding suppliers and professionals to deliver a stunning venue. Blackburn-based AkzoNobel would feature very heavily in the final phase of the project.

Maryport-based West Port Timber Window and Door Technology were awarded the contract by the main contractor ISG to provide the new holiday Village with 4,000 timber windows and 2000 doors. West Port needed the assistance of AkzoNobel to help them fulfil the high demands of the project.

The coatings solution for this project rested on the expertise of AkzoNobel in supplying two of their hugely popular products which would meet this specification perfectly.



London Olympic re-generation sees benefits of AkzoNobel coatings

September, 9th 2015

As a legacy of the 2012 London Olympic Games the Kidbrooke Village regeneration in the Royal Borough of Greenwich would deliver the highest quality of architecture and design. And it would require the best quality materials which would stand the test of time.

Working with London-based Architects Carey Jones, Blackburn-based coatings company AkzoNobel would set extremely high standards all-round.

After supplying colour charts and samples to the Architects AkzoNobel were delighted that their Sikkens Cetol WP 562 and Sikkens Cetol WF 792 products were specified for this project.

As with a host of their other projects AkzoNobel were also instrumental in guiding the Architects toward a line of equal quality suppliers who could furnish Kidbrooke Village with the timber manufacturer, timber machiner and the trade coater.



Distributing quality, delivering local support

May, 6th 2015

AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals.

From its UK base in Blackburn Lancashire, AkzoNobel Wood Coatings maintains a steady and reliable supply stream to its appointed distribution network.

AkzoNobel Wood Coatings have created a superb UK-wide network of distributors enabling customers to order and purchase products. This ensures that the market is fully served with every aspect of coatings for factory finished timber constructions.

In real terms connections are built between distributor, contractors and supply chain partners to ensure the end customer receives the optimum level of support.

Another crucial element to the AkzoNobel Wood Coatings customer support system is the ability to be there from day one of project planning.