Because good isn’t good enough for us

It is our aim to continuously improve products and, furthermore, to realise ideas and developments which optimise the protection of wooden parts even further. New technologies have been developed in our laboratories which meet the highest of requirements and which give dimensionally stable longer lives even under the hardest of conditions.


Best examples for this are the Ion-Lock and Duraflex-Technology. With Ion-Lock-Technology, Sikkens Wood Coatings has found a way to bind wooden extracts and therefore to considerably reduce the previously unwanted discolourations of the wood. New standards in the isolating of opaque and translucent wooden window coating systems are being set.


Duraflex-Technology stands for extremely long durability of the coating on windows and doors made from wood. The targeted combination of a permanently elastic film and a very high-quality UV light protection means influencing factors such as extreme cold or high temperatures and the swelling and shrinking of the wood due to moisture to be ideally compensated.