Elasticity for high weather resistance

Duraflex-Technology stands for longevity and outstanding weather protection. With the permanent elasticity of the coating system, an optimum durability is achieved in all weathering conditions. A convincing argument for your customers.

Thanks to the long term elasticity of the film – particularly needed in the case of temperature fluctuations – the product is optimally suited to the wooden substrate. Innovative light stabilisers (in the translucent coatings) give the coating high and long-lasting protection against against UV radiation. The outstanding permeable properties of the film ensure an especially good moisture balance in the wood. Thanks to these properties the Duraflex coating system achieves an extremely high weather resistance.


This was also proven by weathering tests at the Q-Lab Weathering Research Service. In addition, the Fraunhofer Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut für Holzforschung (WKI) has confirmed the very high elasticity of the coating. Further benefits are the very good bonding and impact strength against cracks.

For opaque and translucent coating systems

Sikkens Wood Coatings offers a complete system for both opaque and translucent coatings with the innovative Duraflex-Technology: The products can be used as mid and top coats.

Alle Produkte mit der Duraflex-Technologie verfügen über das SKH-KOMO-Produktzertifikat 33199 nach externen Prüfungen durch das SKH-Institut in den Niederlanden

All products with Duraflex-Technology have the
SKH-KOMO product certificate 33199 according
to external tests by the SKH Institute in the

Characteristics that impress

Duraflex coating
Traditional stains
The wood releases its moisture and shrinks. The coating follows the movement without material stress.
The ingressing moisture makes the wood swell. But the flexible coating expands and ensures a controlled release of moisture thanks to its special diffusion characteristics.
Better impact strength reduces cracking.
Extreme sun:
The UV light is absorbed by the coating. Wood and coating remain undamaged.
Frost and snow:
Even at low temperatures the coating remains elastic and ensures that diffusion is possible for a regulated moisture equilibrium.

At a glance

  • Long term elasticity particularly needed in case of temperature and moisture fluctuations
  • Extreme resistance to impact of weathering
  • Very good bonding
  • Optimum durability
  • Ideal customisation for the wood substrate
  • High UV protection through innovative light stabilisers
  • Long-lasting effectiveness of UV light stabilisers
  • Especially effective moisture protection through the film’s outstanding permeable properties
  • Good impact strength against cracking