More protection against visible discolouration

A breakthrough in the isolation of wooden extractives has been achieved by Sikkens Wood Coatings with Ion-Lock Technology (ILT). The patent-registered technology offers protection against bleeding. Visible discolourations of translucent or opaque coated surfaces are significantly reduced.


The innovative mid-coats CETOL® WM 675 and CETOL® WM 680 not only reduce discolourations effectively, but they also increase the weather-resistance of the entire coating system thanks to good pore wetting and filling. Can be applied on most leaf and pine woods. Due to the heavy metals not being used use an environmentally friendly, sustainable product in CETOL® WM 675 and CETOL® WM 680.


This is how Ion-Lock-Technology works:
The contrasts between the mostly negatively (–) charged wood extractives and the positively (+) charged components of the binder are used for the high isolating effect. Dyes are drawn to the ion ends and are thus permanently bound and neutralised within the coating layer (see graphic below). This can reduce or even prevent wooden extractive bleed considerably. This is particularly the case for oak wood.

Oak without Ion-Lock-Technology
Oak without Ion-Lock-Technology
Oak with Ion-Lock-Technology
Oak with Ion-Lock-Technology

High isolation power with no heavy metals

Attractive force: Traditional binder structures cannot completely bind the liberated wood extractives within the isolation layer. ILT uses an electrochemical process to bind the ion groups in the liberated wood extractives within the film, thus preventing a bleeding through to the surface.

Fixation: The timber extractives are permanently bound during fixation.

Various negatively charged wood extractives

Binder with positive ion groups

Positively charged objects of the binder

At a glance

  • Effective protection against wooden extractive bleedthrough, especially for oak
  • Good pore wetting and porefilling increases outdoor durability of the whole coating system
  • Environmentally safe, sustainable product without any heavy metals
  • Application on most leaf and pine woods