Joinery Color Classics+ – Added color versality

The modular system for over 100 colors 

Select the desired color and you will see at a glance which  tinted primer and which tinted final coat you need. The modular system of our new JCC+ collection makes this possible. With  10 tinted primers and 10 tinted top coats, you can choose from 100 colors.

Our new JCC+ collection at a glance:

• 10 tinted primers (JP)
+ 10 tinted final coats (JF)
= 100 colors

• Available in transparent and equalizing versions

• Ideally suited for industrial surface treatment of dimensionally stable wooden parts in outdoor applications

• Compatible with the LONGLIFE surface warranty concept

The composition of the product code:

J (for Joinery) P (for Primer) or F (for Final coat) the color code and T (for transparent) or E (for equalizing).

Final Coat
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* These colors can lead to clouding on softwood. To avoid this, select a darker shade of primer (e.g., CETOL® WP 566 = JP006T), then paint over it with a lighter shade (e.g., CETOL® WF 965 = JF004T) or choose the same color shade for both the primer and final coat.