Joinery Colour Classics: Quality in colour

The trend toward more colour is unmistakable. More than a third of all components are now being colour-coated – regardless of whether translucent or opaque. Customer desires are becoming more individual. Clients increasingly want to have more creative freedom in design. Show you colours, allow yourself and your customers to be convinced by the attractiveness of wooden windows.

Joinery Colour Classics – International Selection

We have put together Europe’s most attractive and requested colour shades into the Joinery Colour Classics (JCC), a truly comprehensive collection. This opens up new and varied design opportunities – with high-quality translucent coats.

Download Joinery Color Classics (pdf)

Joinery Colour Classics, translucently (transparently) applied to the spruce timber species. Joinery Colour Classics, translucently (transparently) applied to the meranti timber species.

Different display settings may cause the colour shades of the Sikkens Wood Coatings Joinery Color Classics Collection displayed on screen to differ from the original colour shades.