Colour mix system:

The perfect colour in no time at all

Harbil HA/450/20 mixing machine
Harbil HA/450/20 mixing machine

Sikkens Wood Coatings has one of the most modern mix systems in Europe. With our intelligent technology of the colour mix system we achieve the best colour results. With stateof- the-art mixing machine technology, all water-based Sikkens Wood Coatings product systems, opaque and translucent coats can be mixed by machine. With outstanding quality and in the shortest space of time.

Enormous variety of colour shades

With our colour collection ‘Joinery Colour Classics’ as well as Cetol® and Rubbol® we present collections to you in an unusually wide palette of highly current colours.


Furthermore, thanks to its large colour space, the colour mix system offers an almost unlimited range of possibilities. Furthermore, it includes all standard and international colour shade collections.


The technology of the colour mix system meets the VOC regulation 2010 – and therefore fulfils the strictest of environmental standards. The mix machine can be easily operated and also offers a design according to the latest ergonomic findings.


And the best thing is:
If you have a mixing machine yourself, then you will receive all the necessary updates from us. This means you are always up to date.

Acomix pigment pastes

Special primer pastes developed for use of bonding products.


The following colour shades can be delivered:
wB1, wB3, wG1, wO3, wR1, wR2, wR5, wTR, wTY, wV1, wV2, wW1, wY1, wY2, wY3, wZ1 und wJW, wJR, wJY, wJZ


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